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A Bluetooth system allows you to connect to your cell phone in your car while keeping your eyes on the road. Handsfree driving his becoming the law in most states, make sure your car has these capabilities.

Blind Spot Indicator:

For a vivid display of what’s happening behind your vehicle, you can back up your vehicle with ease.

Text Blocking

Just as the name suggests, this device enables texting to be safely controlled in driving situations.

Collision Avoidance

Collision-avoidance technology is no longer the domain of expensive luxury cars or high-end trim levels — or even new cars, for that matter.

Dashboard Camera

Record your adventures on the road or maintain an archive of work or transportation routes. Also be able to track and record for driving safety.

Daytime Running Lights

With daytime running lights, vehicles are seen earlier and recognized better by others on the road, which increases reaction time.

Keyless Entry

At Alta Mere, we understand the importance of keyless entry systems. Keyless entry systems can increase driver safety and make day-to-day car commutes more convenient. It is amazing how something as simple as a remote lock/unlock and lit car entry features can transform your driving experience. Need some convincing about what a great tool keyless entry is? Alta Mere has the details here.
The professionals at Alta Mere are ready to help you enhance your daily driving routine. Unsure which keyless entry solution is best for you?

Benefits of Keyless Entry
•    Easy keyless access to vehicle with remote lock / unlock
•    Carlink – Mobile communication with your vehicle with lock / unlock activation and remote start from any touch tone phone
•    Various remote options available
For more information about our keyless entry services, find an Alta Mere location near you.
FAQs About Keyless Entry Solutions
Does my car already have a keyless entry system installed?
If you have just purchased a vehicle that doesn’t have a key fob or remote and you’re unsure if it has an existing keyless entry system, you can find out by supplying a dealer with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
How can I get my car keyless entry-equipped?
You cannot simply purchase a remote opener for keyless entry. You’ll need a keyless entry system installed by a professional first.

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